Tumble Drum Industries - Mixer For Seeds, Nuts, Dried Fruits

2600 Gallon Tank, 182 Cubic Ft @ 1/2 Fill Mixing Capacity

We build large automated bag or bulk bag mixers (i.e. agitators or blenders) for seeds, nuts, dried fruit & berries with 98% mixing accuracy and 0% damage.

bag seed mixer or bulk bag seed mixer
Tumble Drum industrial bag or bulk bag mixers for seeds, nuts, dried fruit & berries with 98% mixing accuracy and 0% damage.

Explanation Of Above Seed Mixing System

Yellow Mixer   The yellow mixer is the old style of seed mixer that has now been replaced with the grey machinery system behind it. The old yellow mixer had a low mixing accuracy rate and much of the seed was damaged during the loading, mixing, and packaging process which is why it was upgraded to this more advanced mixing & packaging system.
Bag Seed or Bulk Seed Conveyor & Hopper   On the LEFT SIDE of the above top photo, one pours in bag seed or bulk seed onto the bottom of the conveyor.  The conveyor takes the seed straight up and deposits it into the hopper. The hopper is on a scale, so the seed can now be weighed.
Conveyor To Seed Mixer   There is a digital read out of the weight of the seed as it goes from the conveyor up to the mixer. The tubing at the top is a dust collection system which sucks out most dust particles.  The seed mixer has automatic doors to the allow the seed to feed into the top of mixer.
Seed Mixer   The seed mixer rotates so the top goes down and the down portion rotates up with internal paddles to mix the seed.  This gives a 2 minute mixing cycle accuracy of 98% with 0% damage to the seed.  Go to our video mixer page and view video 5 to see a demonstration of how our mixers work.
Cup Conveyor   In the seed mixer's present position, one can open an electric door.  The belt conveyor unloads the seed into a cup conveyor painted in dark blue. The cup conveyor takes the seed to the top of the holding tank.
Automatic Bagging System   Beneath the holding tank is an automatic bagging system. It bags the seed at 50 lbs and sews the bags shut, and drops the bags onto a flat belt conveyor which is connected to a short roller conveyor;  A person then places the bagged seed on a pallet turner (seen in red) which obviously is placed below the end of the roller conveyor when the mixer is in use.
Pallet Turner   Workers place the seed bags on a pallet turner and then load the finished product onto pallets, truck, etc.

"We at Tumble Drum Ind. have set a new high standard for the Batch Mixer Industry. Our above dried fruit & berries, nut, and seed mixer (i.e. agitator / blender) can be used for these types of seeds: alfalfa, barley, clover, cotton seed, cowpeas, flax, grass, brome, blue, fescue, orchard, redtop, timothy, lespedeza, millet, rape, rye, sorghum, sudan, sunflower, trefoil, bird food, vetch.

Gordon Dorn
President of Tumble Drum Ind.
Denver, Iowa