Blending / Mixing Services

Tumble Drum Industries

Internal view of our paddle mixer mechanism

Are you always thinking of these attributes?

  • Mix Consistency
  • Low Maintenance Equipment
  • Ease of Clean up
  • Short Mixing Times
  • Product Damage

If yes, our Tumble Drum Mixers / Blenders will meet all these requirements from your smallest products, to your largest applications. You can rest assure that when you use a Tumble Drum Mixer your mix will be to your exact mixed ratio.  Our Custom Mixers have been applied in hundreds of different applications throughout the world.

"We at Tumble Drum Ind. have set a new high standard for the Powered Batch Mixer / Paddle Blender Industry. Our ribbon blender system has zero percent friction points and has a 98 percent mixing accuracy which means no damage and lower horsepower maintenance. This mixing system is cost feasible and more versatile, because of it's design and exact ratio of a mix.

Gordon Dorn
President of Tumble Drum Ind.
Denver, Iowa