Mixer Videos

Links to five short videos which shows why our custom mixers are the best mixing equipment on the market today.  You can also see photos of our mixers.

Counter Rotating Mixing
This video shows a 55 gallon drum in the MFK factory running first with the lid secured then with the lid off to show the counter-rotating mixing ability of our mixer.
Loading A Mixer With Product
This video shows one 55 gallon drum mixer running while the second is being loaded.
Dumping Product
This video shows the process of opening a second 55 gallon drum mixer while rotating to dump the product.
Animation - Single Action Figure 8 Mixing System Without A Paddle
Reversible drive to cross mix; 98% accuracy.  (Below the video, see directions for cell phone users.)
Animation - Double Action Figure 8 Double Mixing System Because Of The Paddle
Zero damage, 99% accuracy. (Below the video, see directions for cell phone users.)

New Grinder Mixer Combination Unit
Zero damage, 99% accuracy.