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Home  - a brief summary of our commercial blenders / industrial mixers
About Us - company history, located in Denver, Iowa
Custom Mixers - standard sizes are 5 gallon laboratory hand crank mixer, 30 - 55 - 100 gallon small mixers, 200 - 1000 gallon large mixers
Testimonials - satisfied clients using our commercial equipment as cattle feed mixers, batch seed mixers, etc.
Mixing Applications - list of industries that use our type of mixers; New - 2600 gallon Bag Seed Mixer
Mixer Features - hardware specifications of our industrial mixers / blenders
Services - reasons to purchase our commercial Miracle Batch Mixers
Slideshow One - pictures of stainless steel and food grade mixers
Slideshow Two - pictures of barrel paddle mixers



Slideshows Home - photos of industrial agitators
Videos Home - videos of our patented paddle mixer blade
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Contact - Tumble Drum Ind. is the manufacturer of Miracle Mixers
DirectCapital Leasing - business leases
Video One - example of counter rotating mixing
Video Two - loading a mixer with product
Video Three - dumping product
Video Four - single action figure 8 mixing system
Video Five - single action figure 8 mixing system with paddle

We at Tumble Drum Ind. have set a new high standard for the Portable Batch Mixer Industry. We're one of the few industrial mixer manufacturers to make custom paddle mixers and commercial blenders for clay, feed / grain, fertilizer, seed, nuts, coffee, candy, liquid soap, and food processing applications.

Gordon Dorn
President of Tumble Drum Ind.
Denver, Iowa