Drum Blending / Mixing Applications

Tumble Drum Industries

600 Gallon Mixer for mixing oil and foam
600 Gallon Mixer for mixing oil and foam

Our Custom Mixers have been applied in hundreds of different applications throughout the world. Whether your using a Tumble Drum Mixer for cattle feed mixing or chemical fertilizer mixing, our rotating drum mixers will produce an accurate mix with minimum or no damage to the product. If accurate mix consistency is what you need, then look no further than our Miracle Mixers.

  • Seed Mixing - 2600 gallon tank
  • Bakery Powder Mixing
  • Building Equipment & Materials
  • Candy Manufacturers
  • Cereal Manufacturers
  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Processors
  • Coffee Industry
  • Detergent Industries
  • Feed Mixing Equipment
  • Feed Premixes
  • Fertilizer Manufactures
  • Grass Seed Mixing
  • Greens keeping Industry
  • Laboratories
  • Liquid Soap Manufacturer
  • Mixed Nuts Mixers
  • Pet Feed Mixing / Dry or Wet
  • Prairie Mix Industries
  • Small / Mini TMR Mixing
  • Soil Mixing Equipment
  • Spice & Seasonings Blending
  • Sunflower Seeds Mixer
  • Trail Mix
  • Turf Repair Mixer
  • Vitamins & Minerals Premixes
  • Winter Sand Mixing Equipment

And Many More!!


"We at Tumble Drum Ind. have set a new high standard for Rotating Drum Batch Mixing Equipment. Our systems are used in the following industries: coffee, candy, cereal, grass seed, liquid soap, nuts, pet feed, feed premixes, dairy / cattle feed, vitamins & minerals, detergent, soil / sand, chemical & pharmaceutical, spice, and laboratories."

Gordon Dorn
President of Tumble Drum Ind.
Denver, Iowa