• Bag mixer for seeds, nuts, dried fruit & berries
  • 110 gallon mixers
  • 1200 gallon mixer
  • 55 gallon mixers
  • Custom industrial mixers
  • Small hand cranked mixers

Industrial Manufacturer Of Paddle Drum Mixers / Blenders / Agitators

Our paddle batch mixers vary in size from 5-2600 gallon with 55 gallon mixers the most popular.
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Tumble Drum Ind.

Tumble Drum Ind. has set a new mixing equipment standard for Batch Mixer Manufacturers. We're one of the few industrial mixer, blender, agitator manufacturers to make custom mixers, blenders, and agitators for clay, feed / grain, fertilizer, seeds, nuts, liquid soap, winter sand mixing, grass seed, cover crop seeding, chemicals, minerals, pet food, coffee, cereal, detergent, vitamins, & food processing applications."
- Gordon Dorn of Denver, Iowa
President of Tumble Drum Industries

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Batch Mixers For Sale

Miracle Mixers are the world's fastest, most accurate industrial mixing systems. Our custom made mixers (also know as industrial blenders and drum agitators) feature double tumble action, thoroughly mixing all types of ingredients, no matter how different they are in weight and density with no damage. We custom design each industrial mixer (blender, agitator) we make to fit the needs of our clients. Perfect for 6 gallon - 300 gallon small TMR mixer applications.

2600 Gallon Seed Mixer

How Do The Mixers Work?

The patented Miracle Mixer's unique tumble action will amaze you with its simple but highly effective rotating element. The tumbling drum mixer with our patented internal rotating ingredient mixing paddle system that has no shear points that can damage fragile mixer ingredients such as: grass seed, bird seed or even sunflower seeds.

Botanical Interests, a seed mixing manufacturer, uses our industrial mixer in their promotional Youtube video. Check it out!

Grinder / Mixer (video)

Why Buy Miracle Industrial Batch Mixers?

With the Miracle Mixer you can mix dry ingredients, powdered ingredients, evenly mix non-flow ingredients of heterogeneous mixtures up to 10 times faster than conventional ribbon mixers! Plus, our industrial mixers (i.e. blenders, agitators) are at least 1/3 less expensive than other mixer companies because our patented technology uses fewer moving parts.

The Tumble Drum's internal mixing system mixes your ingredients to a 98 percent mixing ratio. That's a ratio 30 percent higher than any roto or ribbon mixing system. Our industrial batch mixer is safer, faster, cleaner, economical, and accurate with virtually no equipment maintenance.

USED MIXERS - We take trade-ins of our old mixers, recondition them, and sell them at a discount. These food grade or common steel used mixers are between 30-800 gallon. Call for details as our inventory changes weekly.

TESTIMONIAL - "We are very happy with our Tumble Drum Mixers. We have two small mixers and one large hydraulic mixer. They are so fast and low maintenance that we have plans to order more.

Pauline Company, Inc.
Waterloo, Iowa

Uses Of Our Mixers, Blenders, Agitators For Chemical & Food Processing:

  • Cover Crop Seeding / Seeds
  • Bird Seed Mixing
  • Candy Manufacturers
  • Cereal Manufacturers
  • Coffee Industry Blenders
  • Sauerkraut & Pickle Mixing
  • Detergent Industries
  • Feed Mixing / Premixes
  • Fertilizer Manufacturer Blending
  • Winter Sand Mixing
  • Greens Keeping / Grass Mixing
  • Laboratory Agitator
  • Meat Marinating
  • Chemical Processor Mixing
  • Mixed Nuts / Sunflower Seeds
  • Pet Feed Mixing / Dry or Wet
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Blender
  • Prairie Mix Industries
  • Spice & Seasonings Blending
  • Liquid Soap Manufacturer Turf Repair
  • Vitamins & Minerals Premixes
  • Small / Mini TMR Mixing